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Re: Estimación de ELO en Shredder

NotaPublicado: 23 Nov 2016 01:08
por Volodymyr
I am hobby chess player.I liked weak engines,also engines with adjustment elo.
My favorite Cheng,Chiron,Rodent,DanaSah,for old Fritz 8 GUI Junior 7,Zarkov,AnMon and others.
My Test tournament.Time control 3min.+3sec.Missing Arasan(very weak for short control of time).

The engines(RED COLOR)option elo approximately CCRL rating.
The engines(GREEN COLOR)maximum strength in bullet game,and weak for long time control.
The engines(YELLOW COLOR)option elo approximately SSDF rating and rating on schachcomputer.info(Wiki-Elo-Liste)

Test games.Time control 30min.+5sec.
Only testing MESS Emu Mephisto Roma UCI 32bit http://www.schach-computer.info/wiki/in ... Roma_68020

Mephisto Roma - DanaSah 6.2LS(Computer)(option 2015 ELO) +24/ -19/ =7
Graph in Shredder 4GUI

Mephisto Roma - Hiarcs 10UCI(style Normal,book depth=5)(option 1950 ELO) +5/ -3/ =2
Graph in Shredder 4GUI

Mephisto Roma - Arasan 19(book depth=5)(option 2100 ELO) +0/ -2/ =2
(option 2000 ELO) +3/ -0/ =1
(option 2075 ELO) +0/ -1/ =1
Graph in Shredder 4GUI

Re: Estimación de ELO en Shredder

NotaPublicado: 24 Nov 2016 13:41
por pedrox
Great study of engines that can regulate their strength. You give with the key of because it is complicated to realize a engine with regulation of force through Elo.

The problem here is that 2 lists like CCRL and SSDF use different systems to make lists, while the first uses BayesElo, the second uses EloStat to calculate the Elo, this makes it possible to have large differences from one list to another, in addition to setting the the strength of at least one engine on the list is somewhat subjective.

In my DanaSah engine, I have a parameter that allows to move from one list to another (Engine-CCRL to Computer-Wiki), this parameter is called diff_computer_engine and has a set value of 466. This means for example that the Mephisto Rome with Elo wiki of 2076 in the CCRL list would have 1610 Elo (2076-466). Unfortunately this value is not linear across all forces due to the different system used by BayesElo and EloStat.

Mephisto Roma - DanaSah 6.2LS(Computer)(option 2015 ELO) +24/ -19/ =7 --> rating Mephisto Roma after 50 games 30+5 --> 2059
It seems that the regulation works well, I had considered the Elo for the Mephisto Rome (wiki) as 2076

If the value 2076 is adequate then the diff_computer_engine value may be varied to have an even more exact setting, instead of using 466, use 449.

Re: Estimación de ELO en Shredder

NotaPublicado: 24 Nov 2016 17:29
por Volodymyr
Only I forgot to specify.My tournament 3min+3sec setting for all engines Limit Strength 1900 ELO.
Another setting ELO and may be slightly different results.

Re: Estimación de ELO en Shredder

NotaPublicado: 18 May 2017 10:05
por ulises
Hace un par de semanas que compré el Shredder 13 y la herramienta de evaluación me está gustando mucho. No es visualmente tan atractiva como la de Fritz 15, pero creo honestamente que es más precisa (Fritz me parece muy "optimista" en la evaluación del elo :#24:). En cuanto al programa poco que añadir, quien lo conozca sabe que siempre ha tenido merecida reputación de ser una maravilla del juego posicional.