The books about computer chess

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The books about computer chess

Notapor Volodymyr » 06 Abr 2018 11:38

The books about computer chess. All in English.

- Botvinnik Mikhail - Computers In Chess, 1983-NoOCR, 171p.pdf
- Botvinnik Mikhail - Computers, Chess and Long-Range Planning, 1970-OCR, 96p.pdf
- Clarke P - Advances in Computer Chess 3, 1982-OCR, 179p.pdf
- Gillogly. Performance Analysis of the Technology Chess Program, 1977-OCR, 84p.pdf
- Harding Tim - The new chess computer book, 1986-OCR, Pergamon, 315p.pdf
- Heinz Ernst - Scalable Search in Computer Chess, 2000-OCR, 279p.pdf
- Kaszczyniec Leszek - How to defeat a computer, 2011-OCR, 109p.pdf
- Keene Raymond & Levy David - How to beat your Chess Computer, 1991-OCR, Batsford, 113p.pdf
- Kongsted Christian - How to Use Computers to Improve Your Chess, 2003-OCR, Gambit, 192p.pdf
- Levy David - Computer gamesmanship, 1983-OCR, 271p.pdf
- Levy David - 1975 U.S. Computer Chess Championship, 1976-OCR, 94p.pdf
- Levy David - All About Chess and Computers, 1982-OCR, 308p.pdf
- Levy David - Chess and Computers, 1976-Batsford, 153p.pdf
- Levy David - Computer Chess Compendium, 1988-OCR, 448p.pdf
- Marsland Anthony & Schaeffer Jonathan - Computers, Chess and Cognition, 1990-NoOCR, 330p.djvu
- Muller Karsten - Kramnik vs Deep Fritz 2002, 2006-OCR, Russell, 32p.pdf
- Newborn Monroe - Computer Chess, 1975-OCR, 206.pdf
- Newborn Monty - Beyond Deep Blue, 2009-OCR, 301p.pdf
- Newborn Monty - Kasparov versus Deep Blue Computer Chess Comes of Age, 1997-OCR, 326p.pdf
- Newell Allen & Simon Herbert - An example of human chess play in the light chess playing programm, 1964-OCR, 92p.pdf
- Tristan Cazenave, Mark H.M. Winands, Hiroyuki Iida - Computer Games, 2013-OCR, 141p.pdf
- Van den Herik Jaan & Iida Hiroyuke & Plaat Askwe - Computers and games, 2011-OCR, 293p.pdf
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Re: The books about computer chess

Notapor tibono » 06 Abr 2018 19:29

:good: Thank you very much, Volodymyr.
Now I need to find time to read :#29:

kind regards, Tibono
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Re: The books about computer chess

Notapor Volodymyr » 08 Abr 2018 14:50

A few more books.The book Karpov Anatoly & Gik Evgeny - Chess Kaleidoscope,only part II about computer chess.
Goncharuck - Turkish Gambit only Russian,but the games can be disassembled.
I understand the forum Spanish, I also know no more than 1500 English words,and full reading without translation is not possible.

- Aagaard Jacob - Chess Software Users Guide, 2003-NoOCR, Everyman, 130p.pdf
- Frey Peter - Chess Skill in Man and Machine, 1983-OCR, 341p.pdf
- Goncharuk - Turkish Gambit (RU), 2006, 136p.pdf
- Hsu Feng-hsiung - Behind Deep Blue, 2002-OCR, 315p.pdf
- Karpov Anatoly & Gik Evgeny - Chess Kaleidoscope, 1981-OCR, Pergamon, 173p.pdf
- Kasparov Garry - Deep thinking where machine intelligence ends, 2017, 204p.pdf
- King Daniel - Kasparov-Deeper Blue, 1997-OCR, Batsford, 124p.pdf
- Pandolfini Bruce - Kasparov and Deep Blue, 1997-NoOCR, 173p.djvu
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Re: The books about computer chess

Notapor Javier Ros » 28 May 2018 10:34

Thank you very much for the contribution.
I had some of them, but not all!!

Best regards
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Javier Ros
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